INSIDE innovation


Project refers to creating an energy system for buildings integrated in one module with a configurator. It’ll be a system that, after entering data such as the location of the building, energy consumption, form of insulation and several other factors, will generate the most effective solution and will show how and when the proposed system will bring the user benefits. The module includes elements such as: heat pumps, PV panels, heat recovery system from PV panels, electrolyser, fuel cells, heat recovery system from fuel cells, hydrogen tanks, battery energy storage, recuperator, concealed heating, EMS energy management system, weather station, AI. For locations where the temperatures are lower, it’ s possible to pump unused heat into the ground in order to increase the efficiency of the heat pump to heat the building during cooler periods. An element of the solution is a twoway charger for electric cars, thanks to which the car acts as an additional energy storage stabilizing the network