INSIDE innovation


Lignolite is created as a result of the fragmentation of wood raw material, both in a round form and in the form of sawmill waste, mainly the so-called on the device based on a paten. As a result of shredding, a mat is created, from which it’s easy to form a new material. The raw material in the form of a mat goes through successive technological cycles similar to those that describe the processes of producing wood materials. The raw material fed for grinding must be bark-free. After the shredding process, the material will be dried, glued and then formed into a carpet. The formed rug will be pressed in order to harden the binding agent and obtain the appropriate density. If the process is aimed at the production of structural elements – beams, after the airconditioning period, only the cutting process will take place to the appropriate size. If, on the other hand, the boards, perhaps the production process should be enriched with grinding.